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Hi there, well, about Firefox, I have used this browser in the past, but quickly became suspicious of Mozilla, because their customer support was unhelpful. Mozilla tried to get extra payments out of me (a good amount) for some of their services. They did the same thing to a friend of mine. I was being scammed, as well as my friend. We then switched to Safari, but now these days I don't feel Apple is trustworthy as we first thought years ago. How would you advise me?

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Hi Faith. FireFox is a completely free browser. They do have some extra services that you can sign up for. These tech companies do everything they can to avoid customer service. I can't say that I've ever even tried to contact them, because I've never had a need. I think you are part of my Privacy Action Plan, correct? If so, then check out this premium post about which browsers to use...https://glenn.substack.com/p/privacy-action-plan-4

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