My question is how do you convert gold or silver during this time to get the value of what it is worth. So now you have your metal, who determines the worth and how would the average man trade some of it for the current value? How is the worth determined and who determines that. I have heard some say those who hang on to gold and silver will retain a high value but we all need to live and purchase things for day to day living. So how does one sell the gold for whatever the new currency will be?

The more I think about it, the East will separate from the West and do there own thing. Truth is they don't need the West they can create there own currency under one rule. The East being the Middle East, Africa, China, Russia, and maybe India. They are all financially powerful on their own.

Any way China has already made inroads into Africa which is the source of most of the raw material for everything, they have Army bases set up in key countries. Any goods will be costly in their currency since they will be making all the decisions. It has already started with Covid, in terms of how much they need to pay for goods. It will probably be more demanding once things fall apart.

We might have to go back to simple living, doing our own manufacturing, making our own clothing, farming, since what we were use to is just too expensive. Makes me wonder how China will determine the value.

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A person should never have a paper trail of the metals they buy - ever. That means buying from a local dealer, with cash, and under $10,000 increments.

I also buy Eagles, as they are recognizable and have credibility. One time a client pulled out a silver 1oz bar. And I said what is that? In bartering, I would have little confidence in a bar as I have no clue if it is actually the real deal, or its purity. You pay a premium for government issued coins, but in my opinion this a worthwhile cost.

In my opinion the first investment should be a heavy duty safe. I guarantee you that I could penetrate many of the gun safes on the market with a pick-ax and saws-all. Think of a safe as an investment. There are a few brands that are worth considering.

This is my personal opinion, but I have thought about this a lot and as a CFP it my basic recommendation to clients who ask.


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What is to prevent the overseas location from being robbed or that government from stealing the gold!?

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