I agree with you. Moreover, cryptocurrencies are a pyramid scheme. Well intentioned, but doomed to destroy your wealth. It would take only one bad actor with access to the right computer to wipe out everything you carry in cryptocurrency. The thing about federal reserve notes is that they serve as mighty fine barter certificates. Seen in that light, we function with them, and are able to obtain the goods and services we need or want without hassles. The real concern is if they are replaced by another currency, without exchange.

It should also be noted that some cryptocurrency organizations hack web sites. They replace the web site so they can use the servers to mine their cryptocurrency. This happened to me repeatedly until the fellow who runs my server cut off access from Russia and China.

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I agree couldn't get myself to think of it as long term currency. Most were using it for trading benefits. If you don't keep you own ledger, some think it's open to theft with someone else holding the bitcoin.

If China has gold backed currency, I know the middle eastern countries and Asian countries, and Russia with recognize it but will the rest of the world recognize the value.

Basically most are using it to trade and make money to put into property instead of Gold. There is no safety unless you keep your own ledger. I know PayPal is now taking it as currency, but it has so many security risks. So maybe they will accept Bitcoin maybe even world wide but the value of it will be determined by the ones hanging on to control.

Talk about control the virus is considered a high grade flu. When I looked at the numbers of death from the flu, the flu's numbers where higher initially. Then the drumbeat about how death and the constant hyping by the media contributed to the death toll.

Noticed that other countries and continents outside of the Americas and European seem to handle it well I guess they didn't get the memo.

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Nov 1, 2020Liked by Glenn Meder

Bitcoin will also be useless in the case of a massive grid/power failure or a massive hacking attack or EMP. It relies totally on cyberspace and on people living in cyberspace.

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Oct 30, 2020Liked by Glenn Meder

I agree, crypto has only been permitted to exist as a beta-test of sorts. This is simply a test to see if the masses will embrace world-wide digital currency, and to determine what is preferred and rejected.

When the internet goes down, how could one access crypto? With all of us constantly surveilled, how could one possibly assume that access to their crypto is 100% secure?

These are just a couple of questions that many are not asking.

As for our household, we do not stockpile gold. We store up our treasures in heaven and prepare for what is foretold. :)

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