Pardonne mon français . . . Je suis obligé d'écrire dans plusieurs langues parce que : 1. La plupart des gens aux États-Unis ont subi un lavage de cerveau leur faisant croire que les Juifs sont leur salut ; et 2., leur anglais est de la merde et ils ne peuvent pas rester silencieux assez longtemps pour entendre ou voir ce qui se passe évidemment autour d'eux . . . Le judéo-messianisme répand parmi nous son message empoisonné depuis près de deux mille ans. Les universalismes démocratique et communiste sont plus récents, mais ils n’ont fait que renforcer le vieux récit juif. Ce sont les mêmes idéaux.

Les idéaux transnationaux, transraciaux, transsexuels, transculturels que ces idéologies nous prêchent (au-delà des peuples, des races, des cultures) et qui sont le subsistance quotidienne de nos écoles, dans nos médias, dans notre culture populaire, à nos universités, et sur nos rues, ont fini par réduire notre identité biosymbolique et notre fierté ethnique à leur expression minimale.

Les banquiers juifs ont inondé l’Europe de musulmans et l’Amérique de déchets du tiers-monde . . . L'exil comme punition pour ceux qui prêchent la sédition devrait être rétabli dans le cadre juridique de l'Occident . . . Le judaïsme, le christianisme, et l’islam sont des cultes de mort originaires du Moyen-Orient et totalement étrangers à l’Europe et à ses peuples.

On se demande parfois pourquoi la gauche européenne s’entend si bien avec les musulmans. Pourquoi un mouvement souvent ouvertement antireligieux prend-il le parti d’une religiosité farouche qui semble s’opposer à presque tout ce que la gauche a toujours prétendu défendre ? Une partie de l’explication réside dans le fait que l’Islam et le marxisme ont une racine idéologique commune : le judaïsme.

Don Rumsfeld avait raison lorsqu’il disait : «L’Europe s’est décalé sur son axe», c’est le mauvais côté qui a gagné la Seconde Guerre mondiale, et cela devient chaque jour plus clair . . . Qu’a fait l’OTAN pour défendre l’Europe? Absolument rien . . . Mes ennemis ne sont pas à Moscou, à Damas, à Téhéran, à Riyad ou dans quelque croque-mitaine teutonique éthéré, mes ennemis sont à Washington, Bruxelles et Tel Aviv.


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First, I do agree with you - I think we are currently under attack - or maybe an effort to attack - by psychopaths' currently in power. That does not apply simply to a political party or to an individual congressperson, but generally - in my opinion, by those behind the lesser psychopaths in power of whom we are aware. It would seem that many are controlled by the "invisible" others, especially when they cannot keep the campaign promises on which they were elected.

However, that is not the main point. First, we cannot rely on any party or any government to take care of us as if we were children, or provide is with distraction, pleasure, wealth (means of staying alive) or anything else. Yes, rules may be made which encourage these things, but in the end we need to provide for ourselves and rely on each other. I do not say to not vote - that, too, is important - but do not expect the result to provide constituents with utopia.

On a deeper level, we need to realize that we are all connected - ultimately cut from the same cloth, so to speak. Everyone does not experience all the same things, nor express them with the same strength or in the same way, but each of us possesses the potential of all the same traits. Men are not women, but, to use a Chinese term, possess yin potentialities, such as the ability to nurture, to sympathize , or , in Tai Chi terms, to follow and redirect the energy. Similarly, women possess Yang qualities, such as the ability to support ones family, or engage in battle if needed (I am not in favor of war), or initiate and follow through with possibly difficult projects. Each of us also has a bit of the psychopath inside us. Maybe that is why we can understand what a psychopath is. Each of us, unless we are saints, has been tempted to engage in power over others, to MAKE other people do what we think is right. Yes, we all need certain agreed upon rules, such as traffic rules. However, we do NOT need rules about which pronouns we must use, or which kinds of people deserve good jobs. Power over others is an expression of division - the powerful (or God, if you will) as opposed to the rest. Zeus on Olympus, Thor and his thunderbolt, Man over Nature, for examples. This is a negation of Oneness, and this concept is a cause of much of the ills of the world. In his book "Opposing the System", ..........Reich observes that we cannot make changes through exertions of physical power, or we end up with simply another version of what we were trying to overthrow. The change is internal, and it involves Oneness. We each need to look in ourselves for those bits which hurt humanity, for it is in the unacknowledged conglomeration of those little bits which will block its transmutation.

Sorry if this seems a bit disorganized. I am responding in the moment without trying to organize the thoughts well. I agree with what you have said. Am a bit leery of setting the 'good' against the 'bad' in conflict and judgment which excuses us from trying to transform things within ourselves.

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Thank you, Glenn, for your point of view! Yes, God IS in charge and always will be. I do my best to Love and Tell the Truth and you seem to do so, too! I wish you the very best with your new site. I will do my best to tell others how to find you after you change your name. My best to you and your family in this time of the year. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

Bev Rose

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I liked the summary that you listed under the third point. With your emphasis being on privacy, you are going to have to start including vehicles. I just saw an article by Fox News entitled: "What your car knows about you and could be telling the world." It concludes that "if you don’t wipe your car’s data before selling or trading it in, you could be putting your privacy and security at risk."

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Glen, Damn good summary of all the crap going on in the world. I read that it was only 3 percent of the Colonists were Revolutionaries. With technology as an enemy we probably need a stronger percentage to preserve our freedoms etc, and I think we are close to that or better already. How will it happen that we can all stand up and see and know each other and come together? The time is now and if not us then who?

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