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Glenn, as you know, while I generally agree with your positions on various topics, there have been occasions where I have disagreed. There is a saying, "Reasonable minds can disagree."

Your views on a subject may diverge from mine but that doesn't mean we should hate each other. I hope that I can voice disagreement without being nasty and vulgar as evidently your former subscriber and former friend were. I think a clear explanation of one's opinion has a better chance of making a conversion that a vituperative, vulgar, debasing comment. Isn't there an old saying you get more flies with sugar than you do with vinegar? I think that was originally meant to describe how to influence human opinion.

Keep up your work. I may disagree with some positions you take and I will feel free to voice why I think you are wrong. I hope not to be insulting or vulgar. Should I fail in my efforts to be civil in my different opinion, I hope you will point out how I have failed in a gentle manner.

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Thank you Chuck. I always appreciate your comments and find them to be well reasoned! Thanks!

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