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Our Mission.

To serve and uplift humanity by celebrating our inherent, inalienable rights; to recognize the prosperous society that good, productive people have created by realizing those rights; and to peacefully stand up to the power-mongers who seek to strip us of our freedoms.


Glenn is a breath of fresh air and thoughtful reason in these confusing, troubled times. He teaches us valuable knowledge, reminds us of the important things in life, and uplifts our spirits. He is a beacon of light for us to follow; a national treasure.Bearcat

I have enjoyed reading Glenn’s email for a few years, and they are something I look forward to receiving. I find they are usually full of his personal insights, combine with articles I might otherwise miss, and a few movie recommendations to boot! It’s like getting a personal letter in my inbox, and that sense of caring is I appreciate the most.Ann

“Glenn’s newsletter is full of interesting ideas topics and thoughtful comments. It has such variety and scope that it will keep you both entertained and informed and force you to think about things that perhaps you wouldn’t think about otherwise. In a world where a lot of things are frivolous and tend to be pointed towards amusement, Glenn’s newsletter will instead give you meaty tidbits that will provoke thought not just while reading it but later in the week. I enjoy and learn something from each and every episode. I appreciate that Glenn is a force for good in a modern-day world that sometimes seems crazy and out-of-control. It is smart it is intelligent it is a good good read, and a good use of my time.” RC

I love Glen’s newsletters! They are chock full of information, plus, he gives you info on things I would never even think about. For instance, one of the newsletter talked about pick pocket proof pants. We happened to be going on a trip and we used this info on our trip! He wants to help people and it truly shows!Mychelle

Very solid nuggets of info that I can use for life in general. Also thought-provoking points of view I mightn’t have considered before.Sandra M

Great detailed info that is clearly written.Jessica B

Great quality information! I look forward to reading it every time!i8alota

Insightful thoughts not your average newsletter. Refreshing change in today’s environment.Mark Thomas

“You have a great newsletter with topics that are interesting and offer great insight. Thank you” Misty S

“Enjoyable newsletter. A great mix of information, education and wisdom. Keep up the great work.” Mark

Letter from Glenn Meder.

Hi from Glenn!

I founded this newsletter in 2014. It’s had a few different names and styles over the years, but it fundamentally changed in April of 2020 when I saw the terrible rise of tyranny in “free” countries around the world. I witnessed the coordinated censorship and lies of the COVID plandemic* and the powerful forces behind the scenes that were corrupting every aspect of society.

I became inspired to be a voice of truth and to champion the cause of individual liberty.

I believe that speaking out is essential right now, because the entire world is dangling on the precipice. The so-called ruling elite have been carefully constructing a technological infrastructure that is designed to enslave the human race.

No, that is not an exaggeration.

The governments of the world, the central banks, intelligence agencies, the media, NGOs and large corporations are working overtime to combine their tremendous data surveillance capabilities with digital IDs and Central Bank Digital Currencies to implement a social credit system that will regulate all aspects of our lives. This system will be fully automated. It won’t depend on any human intervention. It will be run by artificial intelligence.

Just as Google Maps can direct each car on the road to different destinations at the same time, this new social credit system will monitor each person’s activities and dole out rewards and punishments accordingly. Each individual will be controlled in a way that hits them where it hurts most and forces them to comply. 

You will be trained as if you were in a Pavlov dog experiment.

This technological slavery is the world that governments, bankers and psychopathic elites are trying to put in place right now.  

No, this is not an exaggeration.

It is not science fiction.

The scenario is not based on future tech.

The tech is already created.

The infrastructure is in place.

They just need to convince us to go along, which they are attempting to do through propaganda and false flag events.

Ultimately, though, I am optimistic about our future, because, for as much power as they think they have, they are not actually in charge. God is in charge.

But that doesn’t mean times ahead won’t be difficult. Nor is our success a given. We each have the freedom to choose our path forward, both individually and as a society.

Our choice is this: We can either open our eyes, stand up to the tyranny and the lies and take our freedom back, or we can willingly allow them to subjugate us.

Yes, many people have opened their eyes.

But, I also see that many people still have their eyes closed.

Too many people still trust the mainstream media, which spews absolute propaganda 24/7.

Too many people still trust the psychopaths in the government to save us from the psychopaths in the government.

And the people who have their eyes open don’t know how to fight for our freedoms. Instead, they want to outsource the fight for freedom to a political savior. But this is not how we will take back our freedoms.

Let me give you a quick example.

One of the greatest freedom-affirming events in recent years was the Canadian Truckers Freedom Convoy. Hundreds of brave truckers from across Canada defied the illegal actions of their government and peacefully demonstrated for freedom. To protest peacefully is a God-given right and is guaranteed in the Canadian Charter, which is the Canadian version of our Bill of Rights. 

But when a similar trucker convoy made its way across the USA a few months later, it quickly turned into a rally for Trump. Instead of waving banners that said “Our Rights Come From God!,” onlookers standing on every overpass and congregating at every trucker rest stop were proudly displaying Trump slogans.

Don’t misunderstand me. This is not a statement for or against Trump. But it is essential that we be crystal clear about what we are fighting for.

We are fighting for FREEDOM, not for a political savior.

We are peacefully fighting for the American ideals of peace, prosperity, justice, freedom and property rights. We are fighting for future generations, so they can grow up in a free world and can enjoy a wonderful life.

And yes, there are very real, very powerful opponents of freedom. They want to enslave the human race, and they are putting the puzzle pieces in place to actually make this happen. If we don’t wake people up now, our world will be a much worse place by 2030.

I understand that most freedom lovers don’t know what they can do to make a difference. But one of the steps we can take is quite simple: We need to shine the light of truth.

Don’t make it a left-versus-right thing.

Don’t get in someone’s face and yell at them (please don’t).

Simply share ideas, such as. . .

Our rights come from God and not the State, which means that the government does not have the authority to take our rights away.

Our political representatives are our servants, not our masters.

We need to cherish the Constitution, which is our line in the sand that tells power-seekers we will not allow them to encroach upon our rights.

Any federal law that is contrary to the Constitution is an illegal law, and the states and the people have the power and the duty to nullify such laws.

Share ideas freely, even if the government makes it illegal to do so. Especially then.

Yes, there are other steps that We the People can take, which I will lay out at a different time.

All this—everything I have written here—is why I made the latest changes to this newsletter.

I want to turn this newsletter into the best newsletter I can imagine. I want to create something awesome—a trusted newsletter that makes it easy for you to share the profound, yet simple ideas that are at the heart of freedom.

My favorite quote from Leonardo DaVinci is, “There are three types of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown, and those who do not see.” 

You and I are the people who see. We can’t ever impact those who will never see. But we can open the eyes of “those who see when they are shown.” Those are the people I am trying to reach, with your help.

I hope to see the readership grow dramatically, so we reach as many people as possible with the message of freedom. I hope to increase our revenue so we can pursue our core mission and hire a top-notch staff that will continue to improve the newsletter.

I am very excited about the changes. 

I hope you, too, are excited, because this is truly a grassroots effort.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

1. Please share each issue far and wide!

2. Support us financially if you believe in our mission by subscribing. Whether or not we succeed will be based on whether enough people support us as subscribers. So thank you!

3. If you run a business, contact us about our very attractive advertising packages.

4. If you are a salesperson who wants to work from home, help us sell advertising to freedom-loving companies.

Thank you!

Glenn Meder

* A quick note about the COVID plandemic. If you have any resistance to the term “plandemic,” I urge you to remember all the ways that the government and the media lied to us . . .

  • They lied that the virus couldn’t come from a lab.

  • They lied that it was a brand new virus.

  • They lied about lockdowns stopping the spread.

  • They lied about needing masks to keep us safe.

  • They lied about the “science” of the 6-foot separation rule.

  • They lied about the protection of plexiglass shields.

  • They lied that closing schools would benefit children  and teachers.

  • They lied that sending patients to nursing homes was safe.

  • They lied that Ivermectin didn’t work and was unsafe.

  • They lied that natural immunity wasn’t effective.

  • They lied that vitamins and supplements wouldn’t boost immunity.

  • They lied that parks and beaches were dangerous.

  • They lied in order to shut down small businesses and grow big businesses.

  • They lied about remdesivir being safe.

  • They lied about the definition of a vaccine.

  • They lied about the jab preventing transmission.

  • They lied about the low death rate from the disease by changing how deaths were recorded.

  • They lied about the jab being 100% effective.

  • They lied about the jab being 100% safe.

  • They lied that the jab didn’t affect breast milk or menstruation.

  • They lied about children needing to be vaccinated.

  • They lied by promising not to force people to get the jab. 

  • They lied by quietly paying bonuses to doctors and hospitals for convincing people to take the shot. 

It can be hard to admit that we’ve been duped, but we must confess we were fooled because we trusted the wrong people. From these experiences we are learning to be humble, to be intellectually honest and to question our position on every subject. 

We now know we have all been lied to, and we now know there is a malevolent purpose behind their lies. With God’s help, we will never let their purpose prevail. 

Our Transparency Report.

We have a duty to be transparent about our mission, our practices and the biases of our editorial staff. Here is our transparency report:


The Liberty Zeppelin is neither Right nor Left, Conservative nor Liberal, Republican nor Democrat. Rather, we believe in freedom.

Free people want to live and let live. We want to be left alone so we can live our lives in peace and raise our children as we see fit.

You do not have the right to force others to believe as you do or speak as you want them to speak. Doing so is tyrannical.

A civil society protects children and protects a parent’s right to protect their children and to raise them with their values.

The primary cause of wars, conflict, slavery and oppression is people trying to impose their will on others.

There is a reason that words are being redefined. As Samuel Adams said, “How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words!”

The ideals of liberty, self-reliance, equal justice, peace and property rights are the Soul of the USA. 

We the People are each inherently free, and our inalienable rights are endowed to us by our Creator. No government, organization, or corporation has the authority to infringe upon those rights. 

We the People own this country. Our political representatives are our servants, not our masters.

Global public-private partnerships (G3Ps), comprised of central banks, governments, global corporations, think tanks, “philanthropists” and NGOs (e.g., the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization), are colluding against the people of every nation to put powerful technological controls in place, such as digital IDs, Central Bank Digital Currencies and a social credit system. Their goal is to enslave humanity.

These globalists use propaganda against us, radicalize our youth, crush freedom of speech, create division and chaos, cause immigrant invasions and more to crush the rule of law.

The USA is NOT a democracy, it’s a Constitutional Republic. The US Constitution was designed to protect our individual freedoms by limiting the power of power-seekers, because power-seekers ALWAYS crave more power.

Any law, edict, mandate, rule, regulation or code instituted by the federal government that exceeds the power granted to it by the Constitution is illegal. The states and the people have the authority and duty to nullify all attempts to subvert and cancel the Constitution.

No foreign government or organization has authority over US citizens, nor may any treaty be signed that grants such authority.

There is no exception clause in the US Constitution. It can never be paused, canceled or suspended, even during a declared national or global “state of emergency.”

Our Constitution protects against mob rule (democracy). In a democracy, slavery could become law if the majority of people wanted it. Our Constitution protects minorities, and minority viewpoints from the majority.

Our government is a corrupt, dangerous monster.

Our federal government is NOT the USA. Our patriotism is not to the government. Rather, we are loyal to the ideals that make America great, which are beautifully expressed in the Declaration of Independence and in our Constitution, which SEVERELY LIMITS the power of the federal government. 

Freedom of speech is the cornerstones of a free society. We must reject all acts of censorship. 

Freedom of speech means letting people speak, even if you don’t want to hear what they say. Words are NOT violence.

News organizations are supposed to be the watchdogs for the people, but they have been corrupted and are now a propaganda arm of the government.

We have the God-given right to defend ourselves.

Just because past generations have allowed the federal government to encroach on our freedoms does NOT mean that we can’t take our freedoms back.

To save freedom for future generations, we don’t need new laws, nor do we need a political savior. Rather, good people must peacefully stand up and criminally punish any public servant who undermines the Constitution, or attempts to pass or enforce illegal laws.


We commit to sharing the truth as we see it at all times and fulfilling our mission with the highest integrity.

We will not permit advertisers to compromise editorial integrity.

The difference between editorial content and marketing messages will be clear.

We will not accept favors or gifts intended to influence editorial coverage.

We will disclose any conflicts of interest, including personal relationships or financial interests that could influence editorial coverage.

Final Note.

At The Liberty Zeppelin™, we love liberty and want to do our part to help restore integrity to our wonderful country. We’re not a big corporation, nor are we wealthy. We’re just regular people trying to do our part.

We believe it is vital to support independent, grass-roots voices. If you agree, please support us! Thank you!

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